Precious Memories

Winners of the Ringaskiddy Drama Festival 2001

In Junior Infants we did a play in Ringaskiddy called the 'Five Little Pigs'. The play is about five little pigs and a big bad wolf that's me Jordan. The five pigs live in a house which the wolf tried to invade. The pigs were so funny because they kept playing tricks on the wolf. Then eventually the big bad wolf gave up. We had great costumes and we were brilliant actors for our age. The play was quite long and really funny, we all had a laugh. We won first prize and got a huge trophy and it is still in our possession now! So that's the story of "The Five Little Pigs"

by Jordan Smith

Winners of the Ringaskiddy Drama Festival 2002

In Senior Infants we entered the Ringaskiddy Drama Festival with the play Larry Cotter.We won the competition.We all had funny costumes. The play was quiet long for our age. We all had a very good time. The play was about a boy Larry Cotter and his two friends, a girl,a cat, a castle, brooms, hats, cloaks and a few horses.There were thirty- one people on the stage. The stage was very small and hard to act on and I bumped into loads of people as I ran around. Eoghan was Larry Cotter he got a prize for being the best actor.His award was very cool and we also got a big trophy for being the best play of the competition.

by Stuart O' Mahony